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  1. Honestly if it would be a mix of shotgun, mortar kit and trap laying weapon. Then i woudl be ok with it. But i would rather have shield or scepter on ranger first before I would like riffle.
  2. Same goes for the swamp drake tbh. Tht crocodiles in PoF would be so much better. I hope one day they make a pet wardrobe system for all pets/summons a player can have.
  3. Can someone of the devs finally make a sticky note on this subforum with the definition of a ranger? A ranger is someone who ranges. Not someone who fights at range. You can look at other language veesions of Gw2 to get a clear picture. German: Waldläufer (literally Forrestrunner, or someone who ranges in the forrests) French: Rodeur (sorry for the mispelling, means prowler, someone that stalks their prey and pounces) Spanish: Guardabosques (literally meaning Forrest Guardian, someone who guards the forrest). All of these basically defines what a ranger is. A guardian of nature, a prowler that stalks the forrest and pounces your enemies with primal force. You are the nature guy basically. Not the bow guy.
  4. Tbh after they said tehy are no longer making adfitional specs but still make wepaons. They might consider making new traitlines as well or reworking old ones.
  5. The only thing waht i want from pocrines is to remove the bundle. Let it be a flipover skill like steal.
  6. My predictions: MH: Mid Range AoE weapon focussing on soft CC and direct damage as condi damage is covered enough. OH: Defensive CC weapon with some AoE capabilities.
  7. I think just adding some QoL and Utility Buffs woudl be fine. A rehash of the animations could also work. Throw Torch: Add ammunition, a blind and a slight increase in burn strikes. Bonfire: Add a ground target with a good range.
  8. I play since 2012. And even though i dont play as actively (because IRL and DnD) as i did arround LS3 times i still care. I am chuck full of copium that one day they fix pets. Especially now when they try to focus more on the core experience. They did reworks of mesmer and various elite specs. So its not out of the picture that one day they give pets their love.
  9. Overall i agree that these would be cool. But firts and foremost i think it would be the healthiest for the ranger class as a whole if they would update the core pets first.
  10. First you need to unlock the specialization through hero points. You dont need to unlock the whole spec to use it but its nerfing yourself if you wont, the first minor is enough for the unleash skill. The unleahs skill is the F5 on default keybinds. Then select in the third row of your specializations the untamed elite spec. After that you should have access to the F5 skill. Now, if your pet has the special green skills, it is unleashed and you are in the "unleashed pet" state. If the pet has the normal skills, you are in the "unleashed ranger" state.
  11. We will get a land shark apparently. Lets see how that plays out.
  12. God no. Please make vanilla pets usable instead and give us a pet wardrobe system. This would quench the need for new pets for a while and would allow for some customization. Atm mainly expac pets are used 80% of the time and the rest are pets only used on soulbeast because most vanilla pets are trash when left on their own.
  13. Tbh i would give Torch 4 two ammo and a blind and would add a ground target to Torch 5. This would give it atleast some breakbar utility and flexibility.
  14. I gue s its because rangers lack mainhand weapons and also a proper cleave weapon. If ranger mace is similar to Rev mace i think it will definetly find a niche for the class. Mace OH then being a defensive weapon or more cc heavy would also fill a gap.
  15. Despite your noble intend i think it would make the class to complicated by giving each wepaon an interaction with each pet. What I would suggest is that weaponskills that interact with your pet would be classified as their own unique skill type. And each time you use that skill your pet makes a special attack accoridng to its family plus the rider effects associated with the skill. I would suggest the CC effect of each family or a gap closer would be a good fit. As an additional streamlining i would remove return to me and attack my target from the ranger class and make it a unifying mechanic for summons. Such as elementals, phantasms, the Mech etc. Then give core ranger the ability to control 2 pet skills (the third skill will now be tied to your pet interacting weapon skill), petswap and a toggle for modes (Active or hidden). Active is its out, hidden its stowed. Aggressive or defensive behaviour can be defined in the pet menu for each pet. The especs could then interact with these buttons individually. Druid could interact with the wepaon skills. Soulbeast with the stow mechanic and untamed with petswap.
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