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  1. Totally fair point. On the other hand SB had a bear claw as its icon but deamphasized the pet mechanic. Its a bit of a hard guess what we will get just from some icon acpects. Tbh i think a juggernaut pet with a shield as weapon and concecrations as skills seems very congruent design to me. Still just an educated guess but i wouldnt be surprised if it would go that direction.
  2. Tbh i think they will rather change class mechanics more drastically than repurposing old weapons (except maybe warrior which is really stacked). So i would put my eggs into the basket that we will lose the pet first before we get a repurposed weapon. I mean that mesmer loses clones completely is also quite drastic, so maybe the go more in this direction.
  3. The Soulbeast mechanic was leftover druid tech that didnt work yet so they repurposed it for Sb. Dagger was placed in because ranger didnt had a proper condi option for melee. I would have been happy tbh if Sbeast would have gotten a more brutal weapon. But i can understand why they did it. My biggest gripes with soulbeast are the traits. They feel incongruent with the rest of the class with some outliers that would fit well a tanky condi spec that hits fast and often.
  4. It could also just be an arrowhead shield upside down. Just the fact that it lacks a shaft and the fact that only land weapons got new legendaries, makes me doubt that we will get underwater weapons on land. So i dont think spear will be a thing.
  5. That could be really dope. But with 5 archetypes this would increase the skill count massively and idk if Anet would do that.
  6. Honestly i think the icon implies some relation to the warden and it kinda alos looks like a shield. So weapon maybe shield. Utilities i still hope for concecrations but it could also be something different. I hope for ranged AoE though. Mechanic could be a lot. It could be like an overcharged juggernaut pet that is more effective in combat. It could be that you transform your pet into an echowald singing totem that you can command arround to cast abilities instead of having a companion with you. I am just spitballing but thats atleast my idea for a ku
  7. This does not undermine EoD as an expansion but rather shows what awesome patches Anet had put out during LS4. Coop mount and fishing has been on the radar for ages, plus we get 5 maps, 5 masteries and 9 new e-specs. 30 dollars is more than justified.
  8. Probably CC. Like the equivalent to WH as main hand.
  9. Hmm yeah nice idea. Could be when you crit while wielding an axe. The duration of the buff could be extended when you hit with an OS. This way you could juggle it with smart play. (This time correct thread)
  10. @Arrys.7145 Thanks for the more elaborate reply. Nonegativity either, i was more confu.ed by the prior response, that was all. To your points: The comment on axe 3 cover cohdition is justified, but i think with my othee changes you have more than enough other cover conditions through offhand weaponry tbh. I wanted to give synergy within the weapons skills without any external synergy. So i made axe 3 the pull so you can combo it with splitblade. Sharpening stone will have 10 charges, just split into 2 ammo to trigger the survival trait more often, giving it mo
  11. I didnt wanted to meddle with the AA but overall i think a 2 chain attack could already work tbh. One axe applies bleed the other might. Yeah i thought about the hybrid style of axe, thus i gave the optional trait a precision buff not only a ferocity buff. But i am thinking of designing the trait from scratch instead.
  12. @Arrys.7145 I mean i appreciate that you gave all a read and want to give me advice but as far as i can see i did not make a single change that would change a weapons role as it is in the game (maybe axe but even that still retains most of its functionality). If you think otherwise please elaborate a bit further. Also, I am aware that there are more possibilities for a weapons use (especially with ranger were you have skirmishing and sharpening stone etc) but its not the primary use of the weapon throughout ALL game modes and i wanted to improve on the primary function not on builds
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