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Not able to hand in Airship Salvage

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Hey there, 


There is a bug at the ordnance corps event chain in Verdant Brink. When you have to "Salvage damaged armaments to build bombs" you can't reliably hand in salvage to Beigarth. This bug has existed for years now, a fix would be much appreciated.


Also this event seems to scale very poorly ... 

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Just in case details aren't already in a list of issues to address -


When going to Belgarth to hand in salvage he can come up with a "Greet [F]" and will not accept salvage or start a dialog then. He will eventually switch back to a "Talk [F]" prompt, but it can sometimes take a long time (minute? two?) during which progress on event is stuck. I notice it more when there are more people at the event - so not sure if other people interacting with Belgarth when he's in "Greet" mode makes whatever timer might get him out of being in Greet mode reset.


On a similar vein it'd be very good if the dialog option is temporarily removed from ally NPCs during the blighting tree bombing event at the end of Ordnance Corps. Having the NPCs occasionally stand on top of the weak point makes it hard to interact with the point.

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