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PvP Mesmer / Virtuoso Build Test for u

Belze Intilie.8436

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Hi, I had  a break from GW2 and i came back to try Virtu after the Patch... so I made a Build, had fun and want to share it. I dont have the time and skill to test it at higher Level. I played around 1500 Rating yesterday. If someone is interested in the Build and want to give it a shoot.


It still feels kinda cluncky but was ok. I recorded it on my old twitch channel. Check out the Gameplay i tried to use https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1611001822 

Start Minute 28.00, before was getting used to keybinds and Build.... I´m still rusty.

I want some Feedback on the Build not on the Gameplay or my Skill. I just want to know, if it´s worth to invest Time. Thanks

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First of all i never said i am good. I wanted to share a build with other Mesmers that i have decent success with. Mesmer is my Main, i started playing GW2 PvP again after a break, on a new build...so ofc it´s not elite gameplay (btw i never played higher then P2).

Whatever I played some more Games with this Build (minor tweaks included), got flamed for beeing op and cheesy and for beeing a silver player...depends on player and match. I´ll stick to it. Still feels not as smooth as Power-Mirage, but it´s playable.

Screen to prov it´s working on EU Leaderbord. https://ibb.co/h1PM2zz

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