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[Steam] Game crashes many times before i get to start it up

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I launch the game from Steam, then click Play in the launcher, a white window appears, then the game crashes. No error message, the window just closes.

This time it crashed 6 times. Sometimes it's 2, it was 7 in a row once. Someone said it might be because of DX11? But the game is unplayable on DX9, very bad fps.

I have a standalone account, the game does not crash there. Same settings as the Steam account.

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10 minutes ago, Linken.6345 said:

Dont think you can with steam.

You can, but some people have issues depending upon their setup. I had a similar problem of this white screen crash when the Steam release first came out when trying to run arcdps with it. Narrowed it down to Razer Synapse. Also found it could trigger (with arcdps) if the launch lost window focus because I would click on my browser on a second monitor while waiting for it to load into the character select screen.

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