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Mesmer Display Names Bugged


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Enemy mesmer clones show up with the player's "old" server name (e.g. Anvil Rock Bronze Legend), while the mesmer themself shows up with their "beta" server name (e.g. Moogaloo Bronze Legend). This puts mesmer players at a huge disadvantage in fights and removes a big chunk of their class mechanic. It makes the beta kind of unplayable for mesmer players that don't only blob. This issue has been present in all restructuring betas as far as I know. Please consider prioritizing a fix!

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Its not a bug with Mesmer, its a bug with naming in general. They said this can't be fixed right now, as its built on top of the old world system and won't change until that system is permanently disabled and replaced (meaning Alliances release). When the naming system is fixed, it'll fix the Mesmer clones too.


This is also why we get some messed up colors and other issues.

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