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What is increasing my base attributes? Help please.


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I've played for 10 years,  have many characters at level 80, so would not be considered a novice. 

I want to re-examine a build on a few of my characters,  so starting with my necro scourge,  I unequipped every item in order to get back to the base of 1000, or 0, depending on the attribute.

Alas,  even with no equipment of any sort, Jade bot abandoned,  all specializations that grant any passive effect in the 1st column replaced,  and deep in level 80 water (which removes all skill 6-10 items,  I still have 1180 precision,  yielding 13.57% critical chance, and 153 condition damage, and 150 healing power.    I only have one indicated booster active, something called "Extra Life Bonus" which apparently got pasted on me in 2019.   It's description would not seem to make it the cause of my issues.


What is contributing to my character that I can't see?    I don't mind extra benefits, but I'd like to know what the cause is. 

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typo. "my" should have been "me"
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Shadow Night:


Ah, yes.  Thank you.

My bad. 

I rather hastily presumed that only the first part of the specialization counted,  and the rest not until they were hooked up across the width.   That, of course, is what happens while you are earning them,  since the latter don't exist yet,  but not years after they've been earned,  and I didn't read those. 


I'm all 1000 and 0 now.

Thanks again.

Players helping players is such a useful place.  

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