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Electromagical Pulse 2.0 during Strike Missions

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It does not. The only strike it works in is Cold War, on account of there being a placed Waystation inside the Strike.


Quickness providers are builds that are geared and traited in such a way that they can provide permanent quickness by themselves; Firebrand, Harbinger, Scrapper, Herald and Warrior are examples that can be played in such a way (to different efficiency)

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3 hours ago, Sarius.9285 said:

how is that related? 

It's not listed in the tool-tip, but but the skill gives quickness. So I guess the OP saw it in the wiki or elsewhere and wanted to know, if it's possible to fill the quickness-role with it.


But even if the skill would work in the strikes, the quickness is limited to yourself anyway, so no, it wouldn't be possible.

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