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Unlink sigil from equipament tab

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I was trying unlink sigil from equipament tab, after i finish to make legendary sigil, when i change on weapons, didnt destroy the sigil, only move.

Now i can only equip in legendary weapon, cant equip in exotic or ascended, cant salvage, cant equip and use upgrade extractor.

I try to search on internet, wiki, forum, but didnt find anything about that situation.

I dont know what to do, someone have a ideia ou solution?


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You cannot unequip legendary upgrades. They become bound to the Legendary Armory just like legendary weapons and armor. Once added to the Armory, you can use them on any character and any legendary gear, through said Legendary Armory.

You can use them on ascended gear only once per Equipment tab, by the way, depending on how many of the upgrade you have crafted (i.e., if you only have one, you can only equip it on one piece of ascended armor/weapon per tab, on two pieces if you have crafted two, etc).

Also, I think they cannot be equipped on exotic and inferior gear.

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Thank you for reply.


But i am not refer to legendary sigil, and refer to exotic sigil i was using on legendary weapon.

For exemple: i was using exotic sigil of force on bifrost, after i craft the legendary sigil and put on bifrost, that exotic sigil stay linked and go to equipament tab, that exotic sigil, i cant salvage, sell, or equip in other weapon (exotic ou ascended), only legendary weapon.

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3 hours ago, Cyninja.2954 said:

That exotic sigil is used in a different equipment template on that character. You need to remove the exotic sigil from ALL equipment template tabs in order for it to get placed into your inventory.

I don't believe it, that's what was leaving the sigil linked.

You are my savior.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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