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Restructuring WvW

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This has always been my biggest concern and issue with all of this feeble attempts in trying to fix something or for in other peoples eyes trying to "Save" WvW. There is a WASTED map that is a fantastic map, Edge of the Mist. How about adding rewards to it? I do not care if mounts, gliding, amount of supplies allowed to carry or any other of the mechanics that is slightly different from the other wvw core maps has. Just add rewards to that map. It will not remain empty anymore.

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Like the map as well but admit biggest reason to not go was due to that fact it didn't help out the home server outside of a minor supply drop in the home borderland garri. Bring it on as a fifth map or a replacement to ABL and give it all the upgrades. People complain that DBL towers aren't really choke points like ABL which is funny since EoTM showed what a real tower chokepoint looked it and the dangers in fighting over them. If the WR project does create a need for an overflow even after they tweak their numbers then I hope they would consider EoTM as a fifth map that can count toward scoring.

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