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PSA: Game Crash Tricks & Work Arounds


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  • 1.) Put GW2 on an SSD (solid state drive) as oppose to a HDD (hard disk drive) to launch the game quicker. For those who don't know, launching a game on an SSD is eons quicker than a game installed on an HDD. If your game is on an HDD, you may have to do a little research to see if your specific motherboard can supports an SSD.

    There is all kinds of videos on Youtube that explains what an SSD is, how to check if your motherboard can support one, and how to install the hardware yourself. You will be able to login and launch GW2 in literally less than 10second if the below two methods fail to work. If your motherboard supports it, don't spend a lot of money on an SSD. SSD's that have very high Read/Write speeds doesn't mean anything for gaming. My 1TB SSD costs less than $60 and it is literally the same game launch speed as a "faster" $100+ SSD.

  • 2.) Upon immediately entering the game, exit the game by going into character select. You shouldn't crash if you are not in the map but do keep track of your in-game timer. Set a stopwatch or phone timer so you can enter right before match starts.


  • 3.) If you are stuck in HotM, enter a random public pvp server. This should place you back into your game.

(Things that didn't work for me)
Not leaving your base...
Not selecting/targeting any other player...
Leaving your game minimized throughout the whole duration...

(multiple crashes causes)
immediately leaving your base while several players abuse the glitch =/...

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