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Acquiring added shin for Legendary GreatSword

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When trying to gain more skins for Legendary Great-Sword, Aurene's Bite , I read that you must have in possession an "Uncharged Fragment of Prismatic Fury", while fighting Kralkatorrik.....my question, is when going back to Leivas, I see that the Uncharged fragment is locked,  and  4 Scale Splinters to make a "Scale Fragment" which is needed, I'm guessing to  first to unlock the "Uncharged" piece.......when I try to purchase for the

350, 000 Karma, it only lets me chose 1 and states that only 1 is allowed per account.  there are 3 other methods of purchasing, all much harder to acquire.....Is this only 1 per day?, or you have to purchase through the other 3 means.....I have plenty of karma to purchase 4......read a bunch of this topic but just not sure

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19 minutes ago, APrincessOfAlot.4735 said:

TY.....so after all four are purchased, and putting together making the Shard but should  unlock the the Uncharged Fragment to carry with me battling Kralkatorrik....is that all that is involved....or much more....will determine whether I work for it or not.



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