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Condi Mech is very good this patch


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From the looks of things, the Mech changes this patch were a net buff. 

Tests done in full viper. Koi cake and Toxic Focusing Cystal. No Infusions. Bursting/Earth Sigil. Pistol/Pistol. 

Utilities are all signets. 

Build is Explosives 3-1-3

Firearms 1-2-3

Mechanist 1-1-3

Pre Patch, camping pistol I pulled 30k. Just auto attacking, Using pistol skills and mech skills off CD, and Superconductor/Overcharge signet when they're up. 

Post Patch I pull 32.5k. + 3 stacks of confusion

Replacing Force signet with Nade kit netted me 34.5k on my first attempt. 


Ramp is definitely a factor in this build. Condi engi takes time to get going, you also can't camp at ranged due to Mechanical Genius, but uptime is consistent, so this should pull consistently good numbers on any fight where condi is favored. 



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Literally all the gains (about 1.5k) are from fixing the bugged animation speed of the mech (trait 1). I would agrue the spec is in the same position as before in PvE, but now way easier to play because pistol AA is about the same dps as grenades, so you can camp pistol and after p2 you switch into bomb kit and then grenade kit and back to pistol. I wish they would fix the bugged AA from rifle though, but it appears they like what they did there which blows my mind.

Edit: This was directed towards jade dynamo, as jdrive mace was essentially dead last patch with the exception of largos and SH.

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The problem is...... no runes bonus or other similar bonus "tecnically" get passed to the Robot, so, as condi damage or as condi duration, the condi stats will be always inferior to the Mecha one......... My check was in fractal as a boon alac (using the concentration stat), where boons duration didn't changed at all for the Robot, no matter what i did (changed for the Mecha), unless i change armor equipped, and seriously, if not for the new "150%", the alac build would be near useless......... The class is too heavily nerfed, starting from the AA of Rifle that do less damage then the original pre-revamp AA......... and that is telling all about the class situation.

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