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The New Rewards and Sieging


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The new reward structure heavily favours the defender when laying siege to a keep or SM. When you do either the defender can just build siege outside the attackers' range and go ham on them, nothing that can be done. That can be easily done in the Fire Keep on the Desert Map. We sieged the inner gate, the defenders just used Arrow carts so high up that nothing we had could reach it, counter building was impossible since whatever was placed would just become an instant target for the AC.

I know that it hurts realism and all that jazz and in a game mode it should be about fun rather than realism.

No siege should have a range greater than 1200 Units since they can be placed where there are no counters. The new reward structure is a great incentive to fight around keeps and such, only for the defender though since they get rolling rewards and can place siege in some places where no counterplay is impossible, and that makes sieging, at least for me since I can do nothing, a lesson in frustration.

IMO, if no counterplay is possible against certain things then that thing needs to be looked at and right now in some spots, you can place siege where no counterplay is possible. The damage is fine, , siege equipment should hurt if it hits you. The ranges need to be looked at and some need to be curbed and some need to have their minimum range increased and function similar to mortars. For example, trebuchets should have a minimum range, right now they can be targeted from 0-10.000 and that feels wrong.

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13 hours ago, Johje Holan.4607 said:

If this is true that the new reward structure favors defense then praise Anet. Thank you for buffing defense.   But the siege range hasn’t changed so that’s nothing new. 

Correct, and before it made no difference as sieging really had no practical effect, and now it does, so, the context has changed and what was no problem before is a problem now.

I've been giving it some thought and I've changed my perception, the range can stay, what should be changed should be that when using siege it cost supply in addition to everything else. Sieging is about starving out the defenders before you attack. Starving out the defender is really difficult since you can only really starve them off supply by destroying things while the defender if they've already built the siege beforehand, can just go nuts on the attacker forever.

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