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Can we please have individual parts of our outfits for the fashion?

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This does keep coming up.  They probably should do something about it.  
Anyway; someone will be around shortly to tell you to go necro an old thread about the issue.  That you should use the forum's search function to find it.
Then someone else will tell you that they would rather Anet spend resources on any other aspect of the game.

Players really have been asking  for years for the devs to find some way to disable outfit headwear while also enabling our armor headwear.  
There will be much back and forth where some player points out that the devs said it wasn't possible because outfits are a 4th armor weight, and the system can only display one armor type at a time. Then another player will reply that the devs said that like four years ago, surely a way has been found by now?  Yet another person will mention the old town clothes system, but that will be argued against as well. Then it will devolve into name calling and questioning one another's parentage.  People will make straw man arguments, and then deny doing so.  Grammar will be critiqued.

I do wish you the best of luck, I feel that it would be a nice aesthetic advancement.

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