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Don't vote here!


Don't vote here!  

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  1. 1. Did you know the poll was redone? SORRY!

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14 hours ago, Xenesis.6389 said:

hopefully it's not all solo guild players voting.

Don't worry, it's not only solo guild player voting.

Guildless players are taking that 1-25 option, too, since there is no actual option for them.

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I'm an alt-aholic.  And I'm even in a few wvw guilds.  But I don't consider any of them to be "my wvw guild" let alone, one being my "main".  Even back in the glory days, when PPT and siege was EVERYTHING.  I didn't have what I considered to have a wvw guild.   Did have  server though, I miss those....


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15 hours ago, Xenesis.6389 said:

That's quite a lot of small guilds, hopefully it's not all solo guild players voting. 🤭

Perhaps a problem with the wording of the poll?
Are you asking for total guild size or the portion of players that appear to be playing WvW almost exclusively (because there will hardly be a WvW only guild around)?. Also, where do those small scale/roamer/solo players vote? I think that's why the 1-25 category looks so busy (at the time of posting here).
PS: I tried to give an estimate of the different people I see representing the guild during a usual "game period" (being EU days & evenings)

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Guildless players shouldn't be voting lol....

I'm trying to get a rough sizing on active wvw guilds. Either by how many they think is active through the day, or by how many show up for their raids because not every guild has raids. I know the majority out there will be 1-25, maybe I should have broken the lower number down more, I just didn't want to put in too much options. I was just maybe expecting some more 25-100 range.

Oh well maybe I'll do over the poll again in a couple days, thanks for voting.


EDIT: poll redone 



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