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Either these textures don't belong here or I don't understand the idea of the design.

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So I built a new PC recently and I've got all the settings maxed out in 4K and all the sliders including FOV all the way to the right. Games running great. Not dropping below 75FPS. I'm loving it. However.. I came a crossed something weird all of a sudden. I was just messing with settings to see what affected what and.. in Sun's Refuge there are these red rock walls, right? Well.. maybe I'm just being picky but I feel like the textures were incorrectly assigned to the choice of settings. You try telling me which looks better. First image is Environment High setting. Second image is Environment Low setting. What's going on, here?


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I just tested this at the exact same spot and am getting the exact same results for these walls: more depth/complexity on "Environment = Low", while the surfaces look a lot more smoothed out with less detail on "High."

Strange indeed.

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1 hour ago, Zinchmwah.2067 said:

@Ashantara.8731 Is that not where we're at? I went to where it said "Post bug reports here". I wasn't offered any other specific option.

I believe the moderators moved it here from the Players Helping Players forum. If not that forum, some other forum; I can't remember, for sure, which forum it was in.

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