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4 hours ago, tfbakker.3180 said:

it seems like when i type in general chat nobody can read it, i can see it being send to chat and can read it myself. but nobody else can read it.

does anybody have any idea on what i can do about this?

This may sound silly, but are you aware that the chat window usually has multiple tabs? For each tab you can set what kind of chat-info you want to see or not.

By default the "main" tab shows nearly all conversations, but no combat info. The "combat" tab does the opposite: it shows combat info but hardly any normal conversations.

Maybe you accidentally activated another tab?

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4 hours ago, tfbakker.3180 said:

i use the general chat /s 

the weird thing is whisper still works just the general chat doesnt. i have tried it with a friend and he could not see my messages in /s

/say chat has a limited range, while /map chat can be read across the whole map.

That aside, have you checked if it works when you select the chat mode manually (left bottom corner of the chat)? If that doesn't work, either, then you've definitely deactivated the respective chat mode(s) in your active tab.

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