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Been a while, can we get some Anet Soundcloud updates?

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I know the music team's had some shuffling since the last time it was updated and I don't know how that might effect things. Also I'm not sure if the EOD OST is something sold as an actual thing somewhere, so that might hold things up. But, Arenanet's Soundcloud page hasn't had an update in quite some time. It'd be cool if you guys released some missing tunes 😉

Even if it's not got mainline EOD in there, I'd say a few things that could be slapped up there are things from Icebrood Saga, the new SAB map, and maybe stuff from Gyala Delve.

Edit: OH there are some Icebrood ones hiding in here ha! Not sure why it isn't showing these higher up the list on the front. Well that's a thing I guess. Still a couple that could be slapped up I guess. Again though I dunno what's cooking for EOD's OST though.

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