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Help with duo builds recommendation for 5-10 men content

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I am looking for opinions on best duo builds for strikes and fractals.  The goal here is to be able to fill groups easily when not at peak times.     

One of the requirements is that the builds are on the easier side. Not necessarily LI, but rather be able to operate without having to look at the bottom of the screen too often - and watch the bad guys/mechanics instead.  I am conscious that over time that requirement will go away as we learn the builds and content, but we are (I am?) slow learners and would like to get going earlier than later.  

Covering healing + quickness + alacrity between the two of us seem to make sense.  (We already have DPS-only options we can always switch to if needed).

 I have a few ideas already, but I do not want to bias any suggestions. opinions,  or recommendations.


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Supports roles and mechanics roles are the hardest to find, especially if its something difficult like SH push or Dhuum Kiting + greens.
Most people even if they are bad prefers to UGA BUGA so taking those roles will reduce down time on LFG.

This gives you a position of power if you are decent, a good healer can carry the group far.

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