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Why the kitten is there now PvP patch preview test mode?

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Just let players go wild in an unranked PvP gamemode with prospective changes applied. See how it plays out, let players provide feedback.

Why in the ultimate kitten would you ever commit changes to live without any TESTING?

kitten, obviously I meant to say "no PvP patch preview". I'm tired.

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Because we wouldnt have those fun days like the "Rune of Strength gives a flat +175% damagebuff" or the "elementalist daggers no longer have a range requirement"- kind of days.

Those days are literally the most fun i had for quite some time.    Theres nothing like hitting a solid 43k Maul on some unsuspecting silver.    Or hitting someone that is in their spawn with your Dagger AA´s.......   those were the days.

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