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Fresh air tempest inconsistency


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It is written in tooltip if traits activate while finishing an overload , like healing ripple or sunspot , fresh air doenst have the tooltip , but yeah it could help power tempest to go decent power dps.

And fresh air is not the only one , elemental attunement from arcane traitline doesnt trigger neither while successfully overloading , but that could be kind of op if it was.

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i am more curious about how long it takes for a bug to be fixed in general. cause picking up weaver for a week or so, i already encountered a whole bunch of them bugs: dual skills and attunements bugging out after quickly mounting/going into water, downed state screwing with attunes, even flat out wrong descriptions of skills and traits. there are reports of some of them that date as far as pof release. like, how? it literally cannot go unnoticed if you do as much as few days of testing. wtf?

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