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mist-hardened lockboxes

I am a Banana.6081

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Do you mean these; https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Transcendent_Chest

I am already having serious issues with chests earned before today ( items missing or removed) but yes, I just popped into wvw and did a daily ( i would have done more but the new system gave me 2 pve ones) and no chest, and it did not even tell me i had completed it, or that i now have to mess about going into the tab to click that I have done it, otherwise I assume you do not even get the vault rewards either?

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It just shows that Anet basically has no idea what they're doing. They're so extremely short-sighted that they will introduce a reward in one patch to revive a game mode, then render it completely unobtainable two months later.

This whole joke of a system should have been something to do in addition to dailies, not in place of them.

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As of the Obscure release 22/08/2023, the weekly transcendent chests no longer contain Mist-Hardened Lockbox Keys or Potions of WvW Rewards (even those unopened in your inventory have been changed), and the content has changed to 10 wvw tickets, 4 lockboxes, 1 resonating sliver, 20 badges of honor.

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