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Sickened during last fight with Cerus

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I just completed the story but not with any sort of ease.

I understand the Sickened debuff is a thing during our first encounter with Cerus in the beginning in Hell Breaks Loose.

However, I completed the last chapter, Treachery, with a friend who told me two things:

- in the last fight with me, he didn't have Sickened on him, however he was unable to do anything to Cerus - fair enough.

- when he had completed the chapter solo on a different character only hours earlier, he didn't have the Sickened effect either, and was actually able to kill Cerus without dying 12 times, and without the assistance of Peitha ressing constantly.

So, is it a bug that Sickened stays during the last encounter in Treachery, or is it a bug that my friend didn't have it when he completed it solo on a different character?

If not a bug, it's quite unintuitive how one gets rid of the effect.

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I just did it with 3 friends - I opened it - and didn't even ask them because I didn't knew this is a thing. I had the debuff on me, thought that's normal for that environment. Got downed once but helped up by a teammate.
In all it wasn't something to mention since it wasn't a problem.
That my evade got crippled and I rarely could evade attacks was worse.

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My SO and me just tried the fight, and we ran into the same problem - she started the story, I got cleansed, but she didn't. Repeatedly.

Considering that Isgarren explicitly says: "If I can give you just enough... to move...", you are obviously not supposed to have the debuff in this fight, so I think this is a bug and should be reported to the devs - especially since the fight is hardly possible without being able to move around and dodge... and having one person "leech by default" does not an entertaining and interesting fight make.

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