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Invisible Loot

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3 times this past week, mostly like because it's a weekly, at Maw after the fight, all my loot, including the bouncy box, is invisible. I have to mouse over each loot in my inventory and read it to make sure I'm opening a box and not equipping some blue chest piece over my nice armor. Only happened at Maw, and only when it was crowded. I've never seen this at any other event in 11 years.

Edit: Tonight was the first time it happened away from Maw. I logged out after Maw and logged another character in, did a heart in Oasis, then ported to FE and got loot from a few things and it was still invisible. I logged out and back in on the same character, and I can see the loot again. Though strangely, when I logged back in, it put me way down in the newbie starting area, instead of up at the reactor where I logged out? 🤔

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1 hour ago, Gumbolia.5381 said:

I play GW2 through WINE

I don't, just Windows 11. So nothing in common there. I BlishHud and a few addons (event table, currencyviewer, graphical emote, item search, gathering tool finder). Fairly new to blish, maybe 3-4 weeks. The inviso-loot started just in the past week. I thought it was maybe tied to the huge amounts of people showing up at Maw, as that is the only place I saw it, but then seeing it follow me on another character to FE 10 minutes later, that was new.

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