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Just mount up (any of them will do) and join in, reporting players to ANet for griefing or whatever will do nothing about it since they put it in there on purpose:


Is it all right for me to use a glider or mount in the Labyrinth? (only while inside Mad King's Labyrinth)

Flying and the like used to be outlawed by royal decree, but it's been approved this year. I've heard Mad King Thorn is workshopping some new jokes involving falling. To one's death.

So I can go anywhere I like?

Don't get too excited. King Thorn doesn't appreciate visitors who try to skip outside his maze or leave tracks on the decorations. If you stray off the beaten path, you could end up as the beaten one.

How about something that floats, like a skimmer?

It's technically allowed, but just between you and me, the Mad King is no fan of floating creatures. Some old grudge over a joke. Hover too high and you might provoke his anger.
Thanks for the warning.
I'll be sure to stay inside the boundaries.

Awesome. Watch how far I can go!

-- Lunatic Boatmaster

When in the Mad Realm, do as all the other mad people do.

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