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Adding an upgrade of a higher rarity will improve your attributes?

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Hello all, so I have a weird issue that's driving me nuts because I cannot for the life of me figure it out.  My main character a Charr Engineer in full ascended gear with a berserker build is using Zojja's Leather Breather, and I've got a Ruby Orb in the upgrade slot, and a Mighty +9 Agony Infusion in the infusion slot.  But there is a red exclamation mark over the image of the breather under the Hero's tab, and when I hover my mouse over the armor slot, in red it states, "Adding an upgrade of a higher rarity will improve your attributes.".  So...  What am I missing here?  What's better than the Ruby Orb in this situation for a Power/Ferocity/Precision stat line?  Is there anything?  Or is the game just glitching?  Thanks!

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I think it's a limitation in the wording (I guess they had a very short word count for the tooltip). A ruby orb is the highest tier of plain ruby, but that doesn't mean it's the best upgrade you can have in that slot.

Jewellery is better than plain jewels - an exquisite ruby jewel gives 25 power, 15 ferocity and 15 precision (and it's the same for all the other jewels). But generally at level 80 most players are using superior runes in all their armour because (with a full set) it gives a higher stat boost than jewellery with the same attributes. The same is true for aquabreathers - you generally want the same rune as you've gone on your helmet, so you still get the same benefit.

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