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Thanks for the Convergences mission!

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After the release I had frustration because I had great difficulty obtaining the Kryptis Essences that are required for rewards like the A New Look SkyScale collection.

All are not tradable, required me to do T1, T2 and T3 rifts in random locations. I could easily hunt down T1 rifts but T2 and T3 rifts require a party/squad to complete them. There are dedicated squads doing exactly that but they move so fast that most of the time, I arrived at the location of the rift when it is already closed. And then I can try to chase the commander to the next one, where the same may happen.

I mostly gave up on this, but I'm very much thankful for the new Convergences instance which allows me to have a different way to effectively obtain the T1-T3 essences I need without having to keep up with fast moving groups that zip all over the map.

I now completed the collection and have an impressive Kryptis Skyscale to fly around on.

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Congratulations on your kryptis skyscale!  I haven't finished the collection for it yet, as I've been to stingy and hoarding materials for upcoming legendary armor lol.  With the addition of convergences though, I think that's a good time to revisit the skyscale collection.  

I do the weekly rifts as well as anytime I happen to fly past and see one going.  I really do enjoy the convergences though, and yes I have absolutely increased my amount of essences more rapidly because of them.   Maybe it's because they're every three hours so I don't get tired of them as quickly. 

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