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what's up with this dude

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my tilt level is like 7.5/10

but this warrior player named after japanese warriors, that runs hammer spellbreaker and always push far is another level

1 thing doens't go his way he goes crazy on map chat, surely a legendary level players stuck in gold 2 cuz teammates are not good as he is rofl

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1 hour ago, Avatar.3568 said:

Running far on warrior sounds pretty normal imo

That's not the issue, if you in his team and plus him he stops playing to rage on map chat. He throws many games simply cuz ppl dont play the way he wants them to play. Yesterday we 5 man ganked him to stop him going far when matche started, that was enough for him to rage on chat half match and lose a match they could have easily won.


But once he decides his team is bad he makes sure they lose cuz he has a point to prove right


Honestly if you playing duo q as double warrior to reflect him in the other team, gank him twice while he tries to reach far and that might be enough to make the match 5v4

This dude and the L guardian are 2 dudes i never want to have in my team. One thing they don't like they afk, even if they're winning the game.

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