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Every time I play a match with top 100 player or player with high titles !

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I've also noticed in NA I get players who straight up AFK on point (even moving so as to not be kicked) much more often when either my team or the opponent's are of the highest ranks - ironically I get players trying to fight for the whole match mostly in 150-250 rank and beyond matches. I think it's a combination of things: first, top duos playing around each other and players knowing they're just going to be farmed so they just give up to end things faster. Second, good ol' wintrading. Third, the community is incredibly small and some people purposely just want to be bitter towards specific players, hurting everyone else in the process. For example, I've seem a certain warrior named with reference to medieval Japanese swordfighters AFK from the start without going DC quite often but not every single match, who can fit any of the previous options given how often they play and their rank. There's also the many high ranked plain shirt Sylvari with cat-walked-on-keyboard names and others who play it more subtly.

In short, it's probably not connection issues and any of the other possibilities are aggravated by the low population.

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They will most likely AFK on you if losing unless they are streaming.  

As outside of wintrading (which really I think is mostly an AT thing), Top 100 should be winning a majority of time, and losing is just go AFK to get to next one.  

If they are streaming, they will play through it and if losing then probably get things nerfed along the way as devs watch their streams....

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