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Buff Might Makes Right in wvw/pvp


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All in title. HP of MMR is too low right now and should go to 95 or 100 in pvp/wvw. Nerfing barrier on bladesworn by another 100 if needed would even out the amount so that Bladesworns don't become too tanky. 

This one change would do the following things:

  • Help bring back Strength Spellbreaker in pvp. Spb's are overshadowed by defense still and can't ever pick Strength because of how glassy it is. Going Demo amulet isn't nearly enough. With this change and another buff to Featherfoot Grace (Giving it a 25 second cooldown and Resolution for 5 seconds), Strength Spb's would have enough defense and resistance accessibility to viably compete with Defense Spb's.
  • Maybe give core axe/greatsword warrior legs in pvp? Would have to see first but point being core warrior would get much needed love also.
  • Berzerker would have a Strength option now also. Berzerker heavily relies on Defense right now, and giving MMR buffs in Strength would make Strength Berzerker more likely to be played in wvw/pvp.
  • Bladesworn would have the option to go Fierce as Fire instead of Unshakable Mountain due to the slight nerf to barrier and the buff in HP to MMR. This would open up Blades that want to viably play a more aggressive style build without being too glass. And it would allow Blades to decide to take on the more duelist style role or the brawler one.

In short Strength is still being overshadowed and MMR needs a buff to compete with Defense in pvp/wvw.

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Here is something I would do.

  • Move the HP on might gain to Restorative Strength, no other changes to Restorative Strength.
  • Move the endurance on might gain to Building Momentum, no other changes to Building Momentum.
  • In Might Makes Right, now that its two old pieces are moved elsewhere, I would add instead:
    • Gain 5 might for 6s/4s (PvE/Comp) when you use a movement skill. Gain 100 barrier, 0.15/0.1 scaling (PvE/Comp) when you gain might.

This adds in more might generation to the line, and more sustain.

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