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hi i bought the area net game guildwars 2 up to the heart of thorn and the other expantion after it ... when i bought the stream dlc expantions for some reason the system didnt pick up on them and now i had to start all over because the steam expantions i bought for my original account didnt work .... how do i get my the area net game i got to work with the expantions i bought from steam i lost everthing and had to start over

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Anet and Steam accounts aren't compatible, so the older expansions are still on the anet account and the one you bought on steam is linked to your Steam account. Expansions, Gems etc. bought on steam can only be used for steam accounts, while everything bought outside of steam (from anet or retailers) can only be used for anet accounts.

You can access your anet account by using the original launcher, or adding "-provider Portal" in the launch options on steam. You should then also try to return the steam purchase as you can't use it for your original account.

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5 hours ago, undercrypter.6921 said:

my question is if they are selling on steam why dont they advertise this to let ppl know before buying it ,,, this really sucks thank you all for the help


They do actually, its all the way down at the bottom after you click the read more in the about this game section.


**Please note that existing Guild Wars 2 player accounts cannot be accessed via Steam

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