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The underlying cause of nerf threads

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Kuma was almost spot on but still giving too much credit to Anet and putting too much of a burden on players imo. Our ranked system is especially inflating to the ego as people pointed out in the 2020 thread as well - In fact, we didn't get to have a FIRST automated tournament without cheaters and up to this day in 2024 we have 600 AP Sylvari in plain T-shirts running in duo with top players. Finally we still don't have pip rewards in unranked so you're heavily incentivized to interact with the real ego lords (the ones who learned how to play without surpassing their egos) if you plan on PvPing for a good while.

And the frustrating part about the combat gameplay mechanics is not really the interaction in between CC, sustain, invulnerability and damage, but rather that Anet does a terrible job (perhaps the worst of all games I've ever played) in teaching newcomers what the mechanics even are. Typically a player can reach the point where they can play ranked without ever realizing what all the "burning bolt"s popping up on their screen mean, let alone realizing they could/should be using active defenses or what a stun break means and why they should always have at least one. Let's not even mention advanced things like kite spots in each map and typical player-defined terms to assign roles to certain builds. By the time people realize they could look all of it up online they may already have given up and who can blame them really? Not everyone should have to commit egocide before logging on to play a videogame.

TL;DR: if top 100+ players still boost their egos to this day by repeatedly collecting season titles through duos and everyone else is incentivized to go against them due to pip rewards, Anet is wholly to blame for not teaching and not having a middle ground rather than newcomers having to "overcome" personal issues of any kind.

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