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March 19th Willbender Changes

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  • Flash Combo: You now gain access to Repose as long as you complete the skill, even if you do not land all 5 hits.
  • Repose: This skill is no longer an attack. This skill now heals and removes conditions from you after shadowstepping back to your original position.
  • Roiling Light: Reduced the roll duration from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds. The roll distance is unchanged.
  • Heaven's Palm: This skill now evades attacks and finishes your targeted foe if they are downed and no other enemies are nearby.
  • Deathless Courage: This trait no longer removes aegis from Courage, reduces the duration of Courage, or causes enemy deaths to increase the duration of Courage. This trait now grants the guardian strike damage and condition damage reduction while Courage is active.

    Legit question, I am not a Guard main. Are any of these things bad?
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Changing Repose to be a heal and condi cleanse skill would be a very minor loss of damage on that skill in exchange for a bit (we dont know how much of a heal it will be) of sustain. The change allowing you to repose without landing all the hits might be nice for PvE and especially so for PvP and WvW. Might see it in those modes.

Roiling is a minor nerf I think as the entire roll is a dodge.

Heaven's Palm change might be interesting. The skill was far too telegraphed for PvP and WvW to be considered otherwise, as Renewed Focus is just this strong of an elite skill in comparison. Whether we see people cook with Palm remains to be seen.

Deathless Courage was very niche. I think we will see it mostly used in WvW, as for PvP you want to do a lot of damage to make up for how telegraphable and interruptible it is, though I might be wrong.

26 minutes ago, Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:

None of them are bad... unless they've reduced the total number of hits for rolling light.  But, that seems unlikely.  

The roll change only affects the first part of the skill, not the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Quick_Retribution, which is the proper hit

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