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Thief Orchestrated Assault + Harrowing Storm

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Both, STILL AFTER PATCH, causing reveal on recalling stealth attacks
Malicious Cunning Salvo is STILL not a blast finisher
Harrowing Storm is a teleport when it should be counted as a Shadowstep to help synergize off of traits and such


ones already fixed are crossed out however it doesnt seem as if its fixed on the reveal portion

Edited by Lithril Ashwalker.6230
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+. Also noticed that Orchestrated Assault do something with Your malice. Probably it's related to Your reveal problem. When I mark target, use 2x second axe attack and than third axe/pistol attack it works as intended, but afterwards when I use the same combo in same marked target than third axe/pistol skill, instead of triggering maleficent seven, resets half of my malice without any benefit.

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