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Best Engineer PVE Build?

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How fast are you aiming for and what makes you say that you're slower as you are now? 

If you're playing what you're suggesting then I don't see how you'd be slower than others, at least not in any significant way.

Also if you're talking about open world consider that many people might have nourishment/enhancement as well as defensive/offensive Protocols at the time of your comparison, which all together is a significant buff.

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For open world, I run holosmith (sword and shield) with healing turret, spectrum shield, thumper turret, Hard light arena, and prime light beam. Gives me 4 defiance breaks, two recoveries, and a aoe pull. With Ascended gear, I tear the living crap out of anything before it can touch me. Powermech hammer is reliable, but its pretty slow IMO.

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On 3/8/2024 at 6:39 AM, Smurfiness.3714 said:

Power Mech with Hammer

is may be the most effective LI build you can find !?  It's like power reaper, but with even less keys to hold.
Just equip Elixir U + Mech core:dynamo jade + some boon duration, boom : perma quickness for you and the mech. Pinpoint Distribution is quite nice rather than No-Scope because it gives 10 mights to golem instantly, up to you. The trait Channeling conduit isn't a need since sanctuary runes don't exist anymore, but if you're already full berserker with no BD it will help to loop quickness easily + it's a breakstun, a cleanse, and stab, protection, it's nice.
Overall in OW : Quickness + might + fury > Damage Modifiers (that why I don't understand some choices from "metabattle"'s builds)
You'll have very solid dps to chain mobs just by holding AA (and elixir U, and mechs' skills on auto).

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If you just want something that slaps, zerk sword Holosmith is good, but it needs quickness to really shine. If you have Jade Overcharge boons, then this build feels super good. Survivability is OK as well, but can get pretty rough in champ fights.

Best all-around builds for engineers IMO have always been ranged condi focused. Pistol/Pistol vipers will melt trash packs quickly. Just go in with your Raptor, tail whip to draw them all in, static shot + blowtoch the blob, switch to grenade kit and spam shrapnel + grenades to finish them off. Range condi builds are much more forgiving in champ fights, where you don't exactly want to face tank them. Condi mech is very solo friendly. Mechs will agro champs so you can casually burn them down. Superconducting Signet is also one of the strongest engineer abilities.

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