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Spear skills animations

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Throw multiple light spears with both hands ... Atleast 10 spears in a span of 1.5 secs... Like Ranger longbow rapidfire + photon blitz


Knockdown enemies in a radius of 500 by impaling the spear or target's foot and spinkick on air while holding the spear, pet pulls drags back all the enemies knocked down by Ranger ,like how it does when reviving allies


Malicious impale the spear from behind and pull the spear from front inflicting heal reduction and bleeding for 5 secs


Fireattune- create a sphere of fire in sky and throw multiple spears that pass thru the fire and raindown on enemies like Ranger longbow barrage

Water- impale and bury the spear on the ground with greater force, that breaks the geyser that rushes upward knocking back nearby enemies and reviving and healing allies in area

Air- swing your spear left and right in rapid succession in 180 degree to send forth arcs of slicing air in a 900 range towards target enemies

Another skill - tether the target enemy to the spear and throw the spear piercing the thunder clouds, that electrocutes the target for like 5 seconds

Earth- extend the spear and spin like crazy while the spear is touching the ground, that makes a debris tornado that blocks all projectiles from outside 300 radius and applying bleeding and blindness to enemies within 300 radius



Blegh X)


A single skill that channels 5 spears one by one that has a minigame like the one they have in "dead by daylight" fixing generators press space within white reticle or gw2 fishing minigame

Mesmer concentrates and meditates and sends forth homing spears toward enemy's vital points left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm and finally sends a sparkly glinting tipped spear to the enemy's head


Draws a transparent glass circle symbol of citadel in air that reflects enemy projectiles and augments ally projectiles that pass thru the circle with fire field combo effect


Stab the enemy target and if target hp > 50,  followup  skill on same slot with quick double stab... If hp < 50, followup skill on same slot with knockdown kick


Bring forth spears of past legends from the mist and send them all in one direction that pierces all enemies in range 900



Note: I just did this, expecting some flashy skills for spear in upcoming expansion... I'm sure the devs would give us some cool skills and exceed our expectations

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1 hour ago, Crystal Paladin.3871 said:

Bring forth spears of past legends from the mist and send them all in one direction that pierces all enemies in range 900

Not sure what to think about the rest, but I would love to see Rev acting like Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night, opening tons of portals that throws spears.


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14 minutes ago, Kyraios.8954 said:

He already kinda does this with shortbow 3

True, but not awesome enough.
I want lots of portals with lots of spears!

If the new legy spear turn projectiles into spears, Renegade F3 could come close to that.
Kamohoali'i Kotaki turns them into ghost sharks. Still looks cool, but wrong flavor. 🙂 

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