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cheater keeps mocking player and anet


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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:

  • Have you sent a report to Customer Support?
  • Have you written an e-mail to Exploits@Arena.Net including the full name, time of day, time zone, game world, and map on which cheating took place?

And THAT is the problem.

Yes, there are cheaters. And yes, they are punished when they are detected.

But the fact that there's no obvious internal method to report a cheater, and having to use some external one, causes players to either believe that there's no cheaters, or that cheating reports can't be done, or that cheaters are merely ignored.

Just imagine if you called the police to report a crime and they responded you to "please write a letter to this address". It feels just as absurd and makes people feel just as indignant when the get such a response.

The way to change that is by adding a proper entry in the list or altering an existing one to clearly include them. Then, if the offender is actually found to be a cheater, and actions are taken against them, send the player who reported the cheater an anonymous response telling them that someone they reported was punished, without telling them who.

That way people will know how to report, and they will know it does something.

Unless something like that is done, no matter how many players are actually punished, this popular belief that cheaters are not punished at all, will only get worse until people just give up and do not report at all, and just leave, fed up.

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@Luciferior.4802 said:@Killthehealersffs.8940 Iv killed Svanir on an full zerker glass cannon tempest no mistform or obi flesh before it isn't that hard "get critted for 3,5-4k ...in a low hp-no armor character ...." that's why you move and if he got knocked down by the charge that's why you have stun breaks.

Also if he is balancing the skills in the game a certain level of mechanical skill in the game is required otherwise how can one accurately determine what works far as skills and what doesn't? wouldn't that make sense...

I told you .... every 6-8 days a Dev came up on Twitch to showcase the New Elite Spec on twitch to hype them for the x-apck .He stood near the Svannir and moved his mouse and tried to read the descriptions on the Utilities specs .He was trying to readthem and then explain then to the public .

He can use the pro players reaction (by watching them play ingame ) to evaluate a flaw in the spec (overpower-underpower) .That why you have the various nerfs-buffs that came up with each balance patch ...IN EVERY GAME

Well if some Egypt Mesmers pros say : Our specs are fine , plz buff the other to to bring something new in the meta + As long there are althlete , ppl will flock in the stadium and what matters is to bring some realmoney tournaments to bring other huge names Twitch players into the game ..... if also can effect the balance too :P

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  • ArenaNet Staff

@Randulf.7614 said:

@"Tinnel.4369" said:How come the in game reporting system isn't on the list of "actually reviewed and potentially resolved" options?

I imagine it probably is, but it is always going to be more effective to send a detailed report to ensure context and understanding for the moderation team. I imagine Gaile also didn't include it since the OP had indicated that had already been done and she is suggesting further course of action

Frankly I;d always use the options listed because it would give a greater chance of being to explain the cheating problem than the in game toolExactly. Thanks!

  • Have you written an e-mail to Exploits@Arena.Net including the full name, time of day, time zone, game world, and map on which cheating took place?

Isn't that your job? what is this ingame report even useful for if you cant link a report to time, world and map? don't tell me all you get is a name and 5 lines of chat.

No, it is not my job. Decidedly not. How could I even begin to submit a report with information that I do not have?

The in-game report is less effective for this sort of report, as Randulf suggested above.

@"FOX.3582" said:"

So, you admit that the in-game report option is useless? Nothing surprises me anymore from a company as Arenanet. I pity you guys...

No. See above. There seems to be a theme with your posts. Please read more thoroughly before commenting.

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