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Which is better use for Exotics?


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Depending on the items, really. I personally check the prices in TP and sell them if the price is high enough. If the item has an expensive rune / sigil that I can sell for near the price of the item, I'd break it down with BL Salvage kit and sell the Rune/Sigil, while pocketing the Ectos and selling any Inscriptions.

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As a rule of thumb:

  • Sell on TP, close to lowest sell listings, unless...
  • It has a high-value sigil/rune and you have "lots" of BL Sal Kits (in which case: salvage to sell the upgrade)

There are some exceptions for folks who study markets or otherwise are looking for squeezing extra silver from every transaction. For example, there are some circumstances in which it is profitable to save exotics for forging (but most people shouldn't do that, except to break up the monotony).

On the whole, if you have too many BL sal kits, your best low-effort use is to use them on rares; the exotics tend to go for more than the average value of the potential ecto, especially if you pick your price.

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