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Another One returning ( back after a long time )


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Hi all, i m back into the game after a long stop.I had some health issue and couln't play for a lot! I stop when HoT was released, and now that my health is good i can play again and enjoy this amazing game.

So, i saw a lot of new things, raid , maps , and more.in this few weeks i manage to complete the HoT maps and some of the PoF too... i get some mastery and some hero point to unlock the new specs on my mesmer and my guardian...I m enjoing the game right now, but i put my goal in building a legendary, and making my way into Raid.Both are difficult , of course, the first one because i have 90 gold, and in this week i m trying to getting some gold, but i m only able to get 2-4 a day. not bad but for a legendary i see that i need 1000 or more approx.the second one is difficult cause the ppl ask me for "Li". i have all ascended on my mirage mesmer but no one "Li".so guys, what can i do to farm some gold, and to make my way thought Raid?and also where i can find the right build nowadays?i usually search on metabattle but it seems kinda old.i only found raid based build, but i would some Open world once and couldn t fin nothing.

ty all in advance and have a good day!

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Hi! Welcome back!

I play mirage, too! I don't usually raid, but I believe this is a good place to start with raid builds: https://snowcrows.com/raids/mesmer/

Looking at their condi mirage clone build, it is VERY similar to what I run in open world. So you might be in luck with the class you chose! You can use more or less the same build to raid as you do to farm gold or do whatever in open world! I do a lot of solo videos (tinyurl.com/mwrathful for a sample of my latest!) of tough champions on my mirage and can confirm even with a full glass build running all viper gear, it's quite resilient.

If you're having trouble getting into raids due to lack of experience, try finding a raiding guild that has a training raid. This usually consists of a few experienced players playing critical roles that can guide less experienced players through until they become experienced! I'm sorry, but as I don't raid I'm not currently in such a guild or I'd offer an invite. Perhaps someone else can help you out with that?

As for farming gold? I'm not much of a farmer, to be honest. I just play for fun and let the gold/materials accumulate without really worrying about maximizing efficiency. But I know the Silver Wastes RIBA run (check LFG for squads) is usually pretty reliable if you don't mind a lot of repetition. HoT metas aren't really farmable, but you probably make decent loot for the time invested, particularly with the AB meta. I don't think PoF has much at this point, but if you can get a fast, organized bounty train together that just runs from one to the next and clears each boss in 2-3 minutes you can do alright (not great, but alright!).

I'm sure other players would know more than I would about how to make gold, though!

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