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Rising Flames - Master Achievement Reward

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Hey guys :)

As the topic says, i have been on the track for getting the Master Achievement Reward (aka the yellow star icon next to the name of the story) in living world season 3 rising flames.Now my question is, for getting the "yellow star" icon (master achievement reward), do i have to do all the achievements listed in the "rising flames mastery"? or are also other "hidden" achievements that have to be done for getting it done? im still missing the "friendly ghost", and the "Patron" (not really keen on paying 1000 gold for it though :S).

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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@Stitch.1794 said:

@Khisanth.2948 said:There are a total of 30 achievements but you only need to complete 23 for the mastery achievement.

That's different to what the OP is asking, though. There's a gold badge that displays alongside the chapter in the hero panel, and that requires all achievements, not just the 23 for the meta achievement.

This.When you click on a chapter, in the pane there’s a gold star that fills once the Master Achievement is earned (not requiring all of them, but however many it states).On the side panel listings, you only get the star next to it when all Achievements associated with the content is done.

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