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Looking for Dungeon-Run-Group/Guild.


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Hello. I've played Gw2 since release with a couple of breaks, right now I'm back from one of them.

I've always focused on WvW/PvP but this time I want to explore PvE (Dungeons/Raids)

Do any Dungeon-Guild exist? I dont seem to remember that you had to be on the same server to play dungeons together?I play on Far-Shiverpeaks (EU) but play weird times becuase of my work.

I'm looking for a casual, fun & nice Dungeon-focused guild, that you can represent when you want to play dungeons and find party pretty fast with fun members.Would also point-out that I'm kinda new to PvE and will need some help with tips on builds etc.

Overall I have 14k+ AP points, over 2000 k hours played, some legendaries etc. I'm also very helpful and would like to help new members when I have learned all about dungeons myself.

IF no dungeon-run-guilds exist, please apply in the thread if you want to start one up.


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I didn't find a guild that runs dungeons regularly, OP (at least, announced yes, ran for real... nope). If you are still looking for few ppl to complete some achievement in the dungeon tab (like me, before passing to something else), feel free to whisper me. Even if there are no guilds (honestly I don't think I would keep doing them for years), we can gather few ppl here and there.EU server also here. And noob. Very.

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