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The future of Obsidian Sanctum


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So i dunno about you guys, but i love jumping puzzles and killing people. So ofc Obsidian sanctum is my my place to hang, my neighborhood, my heaven. But i think everyone can agree that it has been dead for a long time. So i wanted to start a discussion to save it, to revive it! so here is my solution.

Instead of having it in the "mist war" (server v server v server) instead have it in "Edge of the mists". make it Green v Blue v Red. This to solve the population problem. Now how to keep them. Bump the the rewards up... . Instead of getting around 15 badges why not give, lets say 60 badges (the amount is not set). this to give people a reason to do it. Even better would be if a new item got added that needed you to complete the jumping puzzle 30 times, this would make some pve:ers intressted to join (and get killed :D )

So i just wanted to share my idea with all of you now when the devs communicate more with us (wich i seriously love). especially now with the #GW2FriendShips that reminded me of the old days when me and my friend used to kill people in sanctum and drink our enimies salty tears ( he doesn't play anymore :disappointed: ).

So yeah, what are your guys opinion and thoughts :)?Sorry for my bad eng.

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In addition to using Edge of the Mists teaming instead world I'd like to see 3 more things to make the place interesting:

  • Add to the jumping puzzle an event that stats on its own every 2 hours after the end of each skirmish, and have counters for how many players of each team reache the end. The race would end after 30 minutes or when a team gets 100 players to the end line from the start without using any form of teleport (using a teleport would remove an effect given at the start, which would be required to count for the event). The winner team would be whoever had more players when the event ends, or whoever gets 100 players through the end first.
    • There would be a daily reward for participating in the event, a better reward for reaching the end, plus a weekly reward for being in a team that wins. The weekly victory reward would be considerable, like 10 or more WvW reward potions.
  • Add to the Colosseum a series of objects that can be used to switch teams by guilds who have all the "Arena Brawling: Green Team" upgrade in their guild arena. These objectas allow switching between 6 different teams: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Players in a party or squad will switch teams whenever anyone in the party or the suqad commander uses a team's banner. Players within the colosseum would be put in a neutral team that can't attack or be attacked by anyone until they, someone in their party or their squad leader use one of these objects. Leaving the Colosseum would remove this team change.
  • Add to the south of the obsidian sanctum a large cavern area accessed through a narrow tunnel, in which everyone is invulnerable to each other within it. The cavern would be filled with a series of cages all over it, on the floor, underground through tunnels, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, etc. In these cages players can enter to lose the invulnerability after 5 seconds, go hostile to each other and duel. Most cages will only allow 2 players, but some will allow more. Entering these cages will require being in a guild with the "Arena Brawling: Free-for-All Fighters" upgrade.
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@Draxjon.1790 said:this would make some pve:ers intressted to join (and get killed :D )

Yes, lets demoralize by killing and forcing them to restart, a bunch of players who probably aren't even interested in competitive play and have quite likely been at that jumping puzzle for a while in the name of self satisfaction and the invasion defender daily.

~ Kovu

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