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WvW Chinese New Year Reward Track


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Only three holidays have ever had a PvP or WvW reward track: Halloween, Wintersday, and SAB. I'd be surprised if Lunar New Year ever gets on, since there are substantive differences:

  • LNY Envelopes don't drop any currency.
  • There are no eye-catching, high-value drops (Infusions, very rare weapon skins, etc)
  • LNY Envelopes are gold pumps (they drop junk worth more than their cost), whereas ToTs and W-Gifts are semi-sinks (they indirectly remove gold since they get sold in bulk and their drops get sold in bulk)
  • It would be incredibly dull. There are fewer than 20 drops from envelopes, versus W-Gifts with over 50 & ToTs with over 90.

tl;dr unless the festival (and its chief containers) changing substantially, I doubt we'll ever see a related reward track.

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