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Tips on surviving with Holosmith?

Lonewolf Kai.3682

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Max dps holo is just squishy. Holo line has a damage reduction trait and barrier on corona burst? trait. Alchemy has survival traits. Inventions also has a trait that creates medkits on crit with 2sec cd. You could also take survival utilities in place of damage ones. Maybe lifesteal food/life regen food might help? In open world, things generally dies so fast to your burst that survival isn't much of a problem unless soloing champs. Group content pve, you pretty much rely on dodges, heals/boons from others and resses. I don't know about pvp or wvw thou.

Also healing turret is your best heal if you know how to blast water fields. But the holo heal is easier / less thinking/timing.

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@Lonewolf Kai.3682 said:well mostly condi, I did see one mistake I had. I had Scholar runes on instead of Durability. I switched them and do a lot better now, but condi is a thorn in my side!

That's probably because you have only 2 condi removals in your build -- 1 automatic, and the other being cauterize.

A few recommendations:

  • Spectrum shield, on the whole, is pretty weak (as is its toolbelt).
    • If you need a stunbreak, I'd recommend taking elixir gun instead, because its toolbelt is a stunbreak with healing, and elixir gun itself features some decent condi clear (1 on super elixir + 1 on light field blast, fumigate helps teammates).
    • Alternatively, swap out your alchemy or explosives traitline for inventions and throw in anticorrosion plating, then switch spectrum shield for Hard Light Arena (tons of cleanse from the protection pulse). The downside is you lose out elsewhere (either on power defense, or on damage)
  • Photon wall... I'd recommend taking Elixir U instead. The toolbelt skill features reflects and projectile destruction for a longer period, as well as fields you can combo with (smoke field provides access to stealth beyond elixir S). The quickness is an extra bonus.
  • You might consider taking Iron-Blooded instead of HGH as well. Just a consideration. Damage reduction based on boons is pretty powerful, on average I have around 4 to 6 boons at any given time during a fight (approx 10% DR). Combined with Hard Light Arena, you can have almost 50% DR for a significant period of time.
  • I prefer HT myself. Bigger heal, more fields to chain. I also don't like having my heal effectiveness based on heat level, which is almost always going to be low when I need to heal.
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