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Eviscerate feels out of place


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I know it's a call back to GW1 and roughly the same feel - but on the GW2 axe it feels like it was meant for another weapon. Here's what I mean:

  • axe auto: Each skill hits 3 targets.
  • cyclone axe: 5 targets, rewarded for hitting more targets
  • dual strike: 3 targets, rewarded for hitting more targets
  • cyclone axe: 5 targets, highly mobile aoe cleave with a wide radius

Eviscerate - single target only.

If you see the point that I'm about to make - Guild Wars 2 axes on warrior are themed around being a multi-target weapon and rewarding you for hitting more than one target - it seems odd, to me, that the big "finisher" is a single target leap. If anything, eviscerate should have been skill 3 (why does axe have a ranged?) and the burst skill could have been an aoe attack that cleaves and scales damage with boons.

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I do not think it is out of place. Back in launch, there is not many skill that does cleave damage; all dagger skill was single target only; most ranged attack doesn’t pierce without traited.

Axe MH can go with any offhand and only axe OH provide a cleave focsed options by a cost of no utilities. It is because when axe go with non axe OH it is actually a single target spike weapon.Therefore if axe burst skill is changed to cleave damage, axe OH will lose its identity, there is 0 reason to take an OH axe anymore.

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Not to mention that it'll literally invalidate the already archaically designed Greatsword on Warrior. It simply doesn't compare to Axe in damage whatsoever. Dual Axes already has some of the best cleave in the game; eviscerate gives you fast, responsive mobility. By comparison, Greatsword is slow, clunky, and does less damage with one burst that requires you to stand still and hit less enemies than most of Axe's cleave.

I treat it more as a closer ability than anything else.

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