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Just did the Balthazar fight as power chrono


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What stupidity is this? xD

Sohothin skill 2 does ~30k damage at 1200 range on a 5 second cooldown, while also being an insta-cast teleport with 1s distortion, and setting up 3 clones for a full-shatter. The phantasm change made this skill completely crazy, but boy, is it fun.

Forget about Balthazar, you are the true god in that fight. Killed him in barely 2 minutes.

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@"kventura.8356" said:can i get the build?

I'm just using Snow Crows' power chrono build (https://snowcrows.com/raids/mesmer/). It's what I'm using for fractals and can't be bothered to change, but there are better ways to optimise it for open world.

It's not really a matter of build, it's the skill itself, Phase Engage. It was designed to instantly summon 3 sword phantasms, but before that only meant you had a 1-button setup. But now, those phantasm are doing like 10k damage each, and are replaced by clones, so you can keep summoning 3 with each cast, and shatter the clones as you get them. Especially with Shatter Storm and chrono's alacrity on shatter, as you get a full 4-clone shatter everytime. Just switch to Seize the Moment for near perma-quickness, since Chronophantasma doesn't work with that skill.

You should try this out before they change it, it's hilarious.

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