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Adventurous Melody (Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra achievement)

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I am trying to finish Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra achievement. One of the items is "Adventurous Melody" which should drop from adventure bronze, silver or gold chest. As this achievement was added to game during HoT expansion, does this item drop from adventure chests which are rewarded from PoF adventures (griffon courses for example)?

Can someone confirm that this item is in PoF adventure chest loot table?

Currently I am getting like 30 chests daily (over 200 chests opened in total) and still didn't get this item.

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I would suspect it's only HoT adventures. I think it took me about 15 chests (some combination of different adventures). The drop tables from the PoF adventures are different.

My memory is that it didn't take anyone I know longer than a week of "several" adventures to get it. So I'd just do whatever HoT adventures are easiest or most fun for you. It will drop. Eventually.

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I would also assume it is only HoT adventure chests. Since the collection is a part of HoT content. I think I opened 20ish chests before I got this part.

Griffon Adventures also didn’t count towards the daily when it was “Daily Desert Adventurer”, so unless this was/is a bug, they aren’t technically Adventures in the games code.

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