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TP March sales

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I was hoping that they'd give us the weekly preview, but they appear to have dropped that habit in favour of the "find out each day" approach. It's not the choice that I would have made; I think the short term gains have long term costs.

On topic, I would be very surprised if keys weren't on sale in the final week. We're still waiting on bank tabs and the copper-fed, which I think will have a showing as well. Of the three, I'm most confident that the keys will show up in the next 10 days.

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@Just a flesh wound.3589 said:Bank tabs went on sale Dec 29th and copper-fed salvage was on sale Dec 31st so I’m not really expecting them to be on sale again 3 months later.

That's true, similar to the recent Aetherblade armor sales and questions around them returning. While it's possible for any of them to return, I don't think they'll be at a better discount than the recent sales, since that would invite potential conflict. I think the best case scenario for anyone looking for these items will be that they do return at the same discount. It's also possible that they would make a brief return at list just to satisfy some immediate demand. I don't know how well their GW2Friendships sale went for new accounts (new players or secondary, tertiary, etc. accounts for existing players). It's possible that there's a new batch of people looking for the fundamentals.

Edit: I still think keys will be the coup de grace, so hang in there @Ok I Did It.2854 !

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