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whats the cheapest way of going about getting 150 agony resist

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It'll cost 14 +9 Agony Infusions, and 3 +8 agony infusions

3 on each ring (6)1 on each accessory (2)2 on the backpack (2)1 on each piece of armor (6)and at least 1 on each weapon set (1)

Total: 17, or 150 agony resistance. You can put the +8's anywhere, but personally I'd recommend having them on the weapons, since you'll need one infusion for every spare weapon combination.

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Once you have all your ascended gear the cheapest way you can get 150AR is by firstly infusing and attuning your two rings and then filling your infusion slots using 14 +9s and 3 +8s.

If you have an infused backpiece you will get an extra AR slot so you can reduce the cost by using 6 +9s and 12 +8s. However, the cost of infusing a backpiece is much more than what you stand to save so if you don't already have an infused backpiecce go with the first option.

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