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No credits scroll at the end of the core game

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Hiya folks,

I've just completed the core game again on my Elementalist (yay!) but, to my great sadness, I did not see a credits scroll like I did the first time. Is this a bug or a one-time-only feature? I would hate it to be the latter because I adored seeing it everytime in the original game.


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@"Nate Anabe.6091" said:https://i.imgur.com/82UZY0d.jpg[/img] "")I think they disappeared after the first revamp

That is a real shame. Might pop a support ticket across to find out why.

@Batel.9206 said:Does Fear Not This Night still play, even though there's no credits scroll? D:

It does indeed still play, which is nice. Just felt a touch hollow without the credits.

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